“I chose the material as poetics, identifying it with the land, for that reason, the four elements of earth, water, air and fire inspire me, as well as the eyes, memory and prediction. I like to manipulate the clay and try to understand what is in the gap between the visible and tactile. I create forms in and of the landscape, shadows, shimmering, gouges, cracks and voids, therefore, visible signs. I prefer cracks, craters and ruins of towers that are not there by chance, their presence may navigate in memory. Ruins are empty but full of history and solitude, these ruins watching us in silence and question us. The earth with its small craters empties your mind and at the same time makes us think that his soul contains.”

Giovanni Galiardi was born in Fano (PU) in 1967. After of few years of the Art Institute “Apolloni” in Fano, he began to frequent the studio of the sculptor Father Stefano Pigini in Cartoceto. In that studio, starting from the imitation of the classics, he has dedicated himself to the deformed human figure and to discover the organic item and formless; not only by sculpture and painting but also by the creation of decorative objects resulting from the mix of sculpture and design. In his sculptural production, he has held various public and private role, in particular about sacred art works. His work has been shown in many exhibitions in Italy. He lives and works in Cartoceto.

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